Bioreagent Storage

We are passionate about the biological sciences and the drug discovery process.  Many years’ experience working as bench scientists in the pharmaceutical industry have given Cryoniss a clear perspective on the importance of preserving sample integrity and ensuring that critical reagents are stored carefully and remain accessible to future researchers.

We have all worked in laboratories, and had projects change, staff leave, and highly prized constructs lost.  Tales of overzealous Christmas tidies, overfilled freezers and moving samples to backup freezers at 3am on a Saturday morning send shivers down our backs! All these tales and more are why we work with our customers to securely store and track, these often-unique key reagents.  Providing searchability and tracking of samples via our HIPAA compliant, secure, fully auditable, cloud-based laboratory inventory management system which departments can have access to via personalised portals.  Inventory reports are of course also available. 


Bioreagents storage capabilities

Whether the samples are glycerol stocks, DNA, frozen cultures or key batches of antibodies for future batch to batch analysis, we have qualified storage facilities in place from ambient, +4°C, -20°C and -80°C down to vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C).  All our storage is secure, supported by audit-ready procedures that enable you to have total confidence in us.  We also have comprehensive back-up plans in place.

We are registered to store:

  • Human Tissue Act 2004 regulated research samples

  • Genetically modified organisms, up to and including class II

  • High risk category 2 animal by products, as regulated by the Animal & Plant Health Agency


Our facilities

All our facilities are monitored 24/7/365 with 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO9001 compliant laboratory monitoring systems, providing alerting and reporting functionalities and all of our procedures are in line with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice.

Enabling our customers to ensure their research always remains of the highest possible standard is the cornerstone of our business.  We work tirelessly to maintain optimal storage and end-to-end logistics service, providing our customers with next-day access to their samples with minimal effort.

No more hunting through overfilled, frosted up freezers for hours!

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