We provide Human Tissue Authority regulated storage of human biological samples in vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), -80°C, -20°C, +4°C and ambient temperature. 

Our facilities are constantly monitored with 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO9001 compliant laboratory monitoring systems, providing peace of mind to all our customers that their samples will always be safe with us.  We have comprehensive back-up strategies in place for all our facilities. 

We work to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice, and all our processes and procedures have been developed by our highly trained, and accountable employees to ensure sample integrity is of the highest standard. 

Sample tracking is carried out via a secure, fully auditable, cloud-based laboratory inventory management system, which is HIPAA compliant.  Should our customers wish their team to have visibility of their specific samples, we are able to develop a personalised, secure, cloud-based portal to our database, or customers can simply request inventory report.

As many of our customers are located around the world, we work closely with our premium logistics partners to provide a seamless end-to-end service for delivery and pick up of samples.  Customers just inform Cryoniss of their request, and we coordinate the entire shipment on their behalf as required, including provision of appropriately labelled packaging materials, including dry ice for example, completion of all shipping work and regular updates of progress of the consignment.  

Access to high quality, ethically and legally sourced patient relevant material has always been a key challenge for researchers.  We have partnered with Tissue Solutions to support our customers in accessing the best samples for their research.  Tissue Solutions are world leaders in the acquisition of relevant material and genuinely put quality at the core of what they do.

Many of our customers need to acquire the right human material for the first time. These samples are highly regulated by the Human Tissue Authority.  If you store these samples with Cryoniss you don’t need to attain a Human Tissue Licence.  You do need to ensure that your research, and procedures, are aligned to the appropriate ethics approval though.  This can be a minefield if you are new to these regulations.  We work closely with our Quality Assurance partner QualiSys, who provides us with compliance advice and also provides our customers with guidance and training to ensure work meets the right legal and ethical standards.

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