About Us

Sonia Houghton and Phil Hargreaves founded Cryoniss, because they are passionate about storing biological samples, ethically and effectively, enabling researchers to carry out exceptional science.

Having established a world-class service internal provision for next day delivery of qualified cell lines to AstraZeneca’s researchers and collaborators globally, Sonia and Phil had the expertise to set up a contract service organisation to provide the same expertise to global research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Initially the facility was established at Alderley Park, the UK’s largest bioscience park, with over 200 scientific companies registered on-site.  Since then a second site has been opened at The Heath Business & Technical Park, to enable business continuity and expansion for our growing international customer base.

The core of Cryoniss’ business model is the storage of biological samples from ambient, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C to vapour phase liquid nitrogen.  With a strong scientific background in supporting early-stage drug discovery projects through to clinical trials and life-cycle management, the team understand the challenges researchers face daily.  As such, the team provides storage facilities, knowledge and extensive scientific expertise.  Biological sample storage and biological research is a highly regulated field. Cryoniss provides support with regulatory compliance, enabling our customers to focus on their core business. 

Working with a network of carefully chosen partners who strive to provide the same exceptional level of customer service, Cryoniss is able to offer holistic support to customers including the acquisition of quality, ethically and legally sourced reagents, regulatory support, end-to-end premium logistics management solutions and coordination of quality control testing of mammalian cell line reagents.


06 March 2018

Cryosphere Services Ltd. is registered.

29 January 2019

Registered Alderley Park premises to store Genetically Modified Organisms class 1

04 February 2019

Registered Alderley Park premises to store Genetically Modified Organisms class 2

08 May 2019

Alderley Park site registered to store Category 2 Animal By Products

19 June 2019

Appointment of Chief Operating Office and Brand Director

30 August 2019

Phil Hargreaves left VWR to take up Chief Operating Officer post full time

03 September 2019

Registered to store Human Tissue Act regulated material for research purposes

13 September 2019

Sonia left AstraZeneca to take up Chief Executive Officer post full time

07 November 2019

Signed lease on second laboratory at The Heath, Runcorn

01 February 2020

Second premises opens at The Heath Business & Technical Park

05 February 2020

Human Tissue Authority satellite licence acquired for The Heath.

24 April 2020

Cryosphere Services attains ISO 9001 certification for Alderley Park and The Heath Business & Technical Park.

26 May 2020

Cryosphere Services rebranded as Cryoniss Ltd.

22 June 2020

Cryoniss welcomes summer interns Ana Fernandes & Daniel Jones

For more information please call us on +44 (0)1625 460235

Or email us at solutions@cryoniss.com